Meet Kate! Kate is a two year old Siamese mixture who came to our shelter along with her friend William. They were discovered huddled near a deer carcass alongside a busy roadway. Thankfully, a kind woman who happened to be driving by noticed the pair and saved them from a potentially dangerous outcome. Kate is a very shy girl who dislikes quick movements and loud noises. We've learned recently...
Meet Snowball! Snowball is a strikingly attractive lynx point Siamese who is eager to fill the position of Resident Lap Cat in your house. He is a quieter fella who pre"fur"s the simple things in life...cozy beds to snuggle in, tasty treats, and a special someone to dote on him. He is very mild mannered- you won't have to worry about crazy antics, especially in the middle of the night. Snowball...
Hi world, it's me, Scout! I am playful two year old boy ready to fine my "fur"ever home and settle in for new curiosities and discoveries! I'm really friendly and would be a nice fit in any home...I think it would be "paw"some if my brother Snowball and I could take this next journey in our lives together. We'd be the total package....with Snowball, he would give you the mellow lap cat companio...
My mother Charm, was found wandering around Duck Lake, pregnant and oly eight months old. My foster mom, took her home and she was given a warm loving home until we were born on the 31st of May. After receiving all of our clinical visits and a visit to the Spay/Neuter Clinic, we are ready for our forever home. ##258782##
Billy is a really lovable and not shy 2.5y/o male tabby cat. He loves to lounge on the top of the sofa and meet new people. Billy stopped using the litterbox when we acquired a new kitty a year ago. He will use the litterbox with crate training in an effort to get him using it again, but the moment we let him out of crate, he finds somewhere to go potty in the house, even though he has access t...
Pepper is very loving and will give you all the attention in the world. She was found in an alley in Muskegon by my wife's sister when we were in college. She was a four week old kitten at the time. She was, as all kittens are, a rambunctious little cat! But she was a part of our life, and as we grew older she came along the way. My wife and I lived with my parents when we 1st got Pepper and th...
I was rescued after being thrown out of car thankfully I wasn't hurt. After a couple days of being scared I learned that being loved was a nice thing and I enjoy every minute of it. I'm a very wonderful and loving boy who enjoys curling up in bed with you. I'm very nice with other cats and children. ##281454##
Darwin is a cuddler who seeks attention and will talk to you. He plays well with the other kitties in foster and is nice with the dogs (labrador, pittie, chihuahua). He likes hanging out in the bathroom, with or without you! Who knew dripping water and tubs were so much fun? ##263078##
2019 Arctic Cat ZR 8000 RR ES (129), NEXT-GEN BODY PANELS Arctic Cat s Next-Gen body panels are designed to seamlessly cut through the air with as little atmospheric tension as possible. With only a quarter-turn of the two quick-release tabs, the side panel comes off and provides easy access to the engine compartment for general maintenance. 8000 C-TEC2 ENGINE WITH DSI Introducing the most effi...
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